A key figure in digital marketing in North America

Successfully managing VIA Communication for over ten years, François Beaudry has established himself as a key reference in digital marketing in Quebec.

VIA Communication is a web design agency based in Quebec specialized in digital marketing solutions. Starting from website development and optimization (SEO), online advertising (SEM), social media management (SMM) and content marketing; VIA Communication offers a comprehensive range of web services.

François Beaudry, CEO of VIA Communication and public speaker at Affiliate World Summit in Bucharest

An inspiring journey and recognized expertise

Francois Beaudry is among the most influential figures in digital marketing in Quebec, as well as across Canada. Over time he has emerged as a leader within this sector due to his impressive career path characterized by unwavering passion towards innovation and deep knowledge of digital strategy. Since establishing VIA Communication, François Beaudry has broken barriers while changing how entrepreneurs interact with their customers.

François Beaudry’s innovative thinking and extensive knowledge make him a sought-after consultant for many businesses that wish to boost their online presence and enhance their digital campaigns. Several clients’ testimonials are indicative of strategies he employs which have enabled them to achieve targets, such as Sunspace Sunrooms or Groupe Auto Laplante among others.

Francois Beaudry on the radio as a web expert columnist

In 2024, François Beaudry further solidified his authority by becoming a web columnist on the famous Quebec radio station Blvd 102.1. Alongside local and regional celebrities such as Denis Gravel, Véronique Bergeron, Audrey Painchaud and others, François Beaudry shares insights, entertainment and valuable tips on the digital world and online business.

Through his columns, François is committed to demystifying marketing, communication, advertising and the digital world and making it understable for all. With bi-weekly appearances on air, listeners benefit from fun and up-to-date advice and information that can be useful for entrepreneurs, businesses, or individuals.

A reputation beyond canadians boundaries

With a client-centric approach and a commitment to quality, François Beaudry has managed to establish a solid reputation. With over 300 satisfied clients across Canada, the United States, and France, the expertise and experience of VIA Communication and its team are well-established.

Moreover, over the past decade, François Beaudry has built a network of trusted contacts and fruitful partnerships worldwide. Whether in Europe, North America, or Asia, François Beaudry enjoys enriching collaborations.

A significant presence on the international stage

Due to Francois Beaudry’s influence, doors have been opened for him to appear at international stages in digital marketing and affiliate events.

As a sought-after speaker, he regularly shares his expertise at leading global events such as Affiliate World Dubai, Affiliate World Europe, and TES Affiliate Conferences.

His presentations are always highly awaited and give attendees valuable insights into the latest trends as well as best practices in online marketing.

Commitment to education and mentorship

François Beaudry is also passionate about sharing his knowledge. Among his several commitments to the next generation of entrepreneurs, he has held workshops on marketing and communication plans at FX Garneau College in Quebec.

Further still, he is a private mentor for young Quebec entrepreneurs who require guidance to actualize their projects.

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