François Beaudry strengthens his authority in the eyes of the world

Present at Affiliate World Dubai, one of the most significant events in the digital marketing world, François Beaudry, president of VIA Communication, met with Dennis Yu, a search engine engineer, writer, and international speaker.

François Beaudry met with Dennis Yu at Affiliate World Dubai

An enriching encounter in a unique setting

Affiliate World Dubai is an unmissable event for all digital marketing professionals, bringing together influential personalities and the leaders of tomorrow. It was in this prestigious setting that François Beaudry met Dennis Yu.

Dennis Yu is undoubtedly one of the brightest minds in digital marketing today. A true source of inspiration for industry professionals, especially in SEO, meeting him was a remarkable opportunity.

Constructive and passionate exchanges

In the midst of the bustling streets of Dubai, François Beaudry and Dennis Yu engaged in stimulating discussions on topics such as digital marketing, SEO, search engine algorithms, artificial intelligence, and more.

During these moments, Dennis Yu took the time to share invaluable advice with François Beaudry. As a result, Beaudry left with growing ambitions for VIA Communication and future SEO strategies for his clients.

During their meeting, François Beaudry noted five key points for establishing effective and fruitful SEO strategies:

  1. Providing high-quality content with real added value
  2. The importance of connections through social media
  3. Using artificial intelligence wisely
  4. Prioritizing the quality and freshness of backlinks over quantity
  5. The significance of chronology and recency of events on the web and social media

A look at the future challenges of SEO

Fortunate to be in the presence of a web expert like Dennis Yu, François Beaudry took the opportunity to explore his views on the future of SEO. Naturally, both professionals highlighted the growing importance of artificial intelligence in all aspects of digital marketing, the impact of machine learning on search engine optimization, the integration of new technologies, and more.

A source of inspiration for François Beaudry's career

Several months after their initial meeting, François Beaudry and Dennis Yu continue to maintain a fruitful professional relationship. Indeed, the two experts are now more than just acquaintances and contribute to each other’s ongoing growth.

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