François Beaudry and Jeetendra Kumar Vaswani: A meeting at the pinnacle of digital marketing

Some meetings mark a turning point in one’s professional career. Such is the case for the talented businessmen François Beaudry and Jeetendra Kumar Vaswani. Both present at Affiliate World Dubai 2024, the two entrepreneurs quickly exchanged ideas and discovered shared visions and passions. This marked the beginning of a rewarding partnership that soon proved to be fruitful.

François Beaudry met with Jeetendra Kumar Vaswani at Affiliate World Dubai

Two successful entrepreneurs from different continents

When it comes to digital marketing, François Beaudry holds one of the highest positions as the founder and CEO of VIA Communication, a digital marketing agency based in Quebec.

In Canada, François has been known for over ten years as a pioneer in the digital marketing sector. His knowledge and experience in SMM, SEO, SEM, and his passion for innovation, VIA Communication has become one of the most respectable agencies countrywide serving more than 300 active customers throughout North America, France and the United States. François Beaudry is also an international public speaker and a successful radio columnist.

Jeetendra Kumar Vaswani is an Indian entrepreneur who is widely acknowledged as a prominent figure in digital marketing. Founder of BloggersIdeas, a popular blog for digital marketers, and DigiExe, an SEO agency focusing on start-up growth. As an international speaker too, Jeetendra always inspires his audience with great presentations while sharing insights into best practices in online marketing.

The convergence at Affiliate World Dubai

François Beaudry and Jeetendra Kumar Vaswani met in February 2024 at Affiliate Dubai, one of the most prestigious digital marketing events. The gathering of the digital marketing industry’s brightest minds was a perfect setting for starting a new joint effort and strategic alliance.

From their first conversations, François Beaudry and Jeetendra Kumar Vaswani immediately found common ground in their vision of digital marketing as well as their focus on innovation and results. A shared passion for helping businesses reach new heights through powerful strategies laid the basis for a prospective and productive partnership.

Building a successful partnership

Shortly after meeting each other in Dubai, François Beaudry and Jeetendra Kumar Vaswani confirmed their partnership. Their collaboration intends to merge their respective expertise in order to provide more efficient digital advertising solutions to their clients.

François’ extensive SEO skills and knowledge about the North American market provides him with an uncommon opinion and proven techniques. Meanwhile, with his startup growth background and understanding of the Asian market, Jeetendra adds an international dimension and a focus on technology innovation.

Each provides the other with valuable business opportunities and enriching contacts. The first results of this collaboration were immediate. They worked together on various clients’ innovative marketing campaigns, integrating the newest trends in SEO and online advertising. Their convergent strategies significantly increased the online visibility and commercial performance of their clients.

A shared vision and common ambitions

François Beaudry and Jeetendra Kumar Vaswani share a common vision for the future of digital marketing. They believe that continuous innovation and adaptation to new technologies are essential in order to stay at the forefront of the industry.

They have formed a partnership that does not only concentrate on achieving short-term results but also on developing sustainable and scalable solutions for their clients.

Joint projects and speaking engagements at international events are underway between the two businessmen. Their goal is to create a global network of digital marketing professionals capable of collaborating and innovating together to meet future challenges.

Their collaboration is an inspiring example of what business leaders can achieve when they pool their talents together towards innovation and development.

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