François Beaudry invited as a Speaker at the Affiliate World Summit in Bucharest

From 12th–15th September, 2024, Bucharest – the capital of Romania – is hosting one of the most prestigious conferences for affiliate marketing called Affiliate World Summit (AWSummit). This annual event attracts professionals from all over the world, thus becoming a gathering place for thousand specialists, brands, creators of content, social media experts, monetization experts and digital entrepreneurs.
Logo Affiliate World Summit Bucharest, Romania

A major event in the heart of Europe

The importance of AWSummit is no secret. This edition expects to attract more than 3,000 participants, about 300 companies, nearly 800 affiliates, around 700 creators and 60 exhibitors from 85 different countries.

AWSummit Bucharest provides a promising glimpse into the tools and strategies shaping the future of digital marketing, making attendance essential for those who wish to stay at the forefront of their field.

The esteemed presence of François Beaudry as a speaker

Without a doubt, Francois Beaudry, the CEO of the digital marketing agency VIA Communication is one of the most awaited speakers of this year. Known for his expertise in digital strategies and his innovative approach to marketing, François Beaudry is a major asset to the event.

His participation as a speaker not only highlights the importance of the event but also underscores the level of expertise participants can expect to meet.

François Beaudry’s interventions will inform and educate the entrepreneurs about the latest cutting-edge digital marketing strategies.

Affiliate World Summit Bucharest: European and global networking

Being present and invited as an expert speaker at the Affiliate World Summit (AWSummit) represents a strategic professional milestone for François Beaudry. The information and contacts gained at this internationally renowned event can drive growth, open new revenue streams, and enhance existing marketing strategies.

Attending the Affiliate World Summit Bucharest will give François Beaudry and VIA Communication the chance to meet industry leaders, potential partners, and new clients.

Come see François Beaudry at the Affiliate World Summit from 12th to 15th September, 2024, in Bucharest, Romania.

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