François Beaudry joins Blvd 102.1 as the new web columnist

François Beaudry, president of VIA Communication and recognized expert in digital marketing, is adding a new feather to his cap by becoming a web columnist on one Quebec’s most popular radio shows, Blvd 102.1. Alongside Quebec radio stars like Denis Gravel, Véronique Bergeron, and Audrey Painchaud, François Beaudry informs, entertains, and shares valuable tips and news about the digital world and online business.
François Beaudry, the new web columnist at Blvd 102.1, Quebec's famous radio station.

An enlightened voice on digital marketing

François Beaudry’s columns cover a wide range of topics related to digital marketing. Whether it’s search engine optimization (SEO), social media management, online advertising, personal data collection, online security, or content strategies, François tackles each subject with expertise and passion.

His relevant analyses are based on years of experience and deep knowledge, providing listeners with practical and immediately applicable advice.

This partnership marks an exciting milestone, not only for François Beaudry and VIA Communication but also for listeners who will benefit from insightful news and advice every two weeks.

Through his contributions, François aims to demystify marketing, communication, advertising, and the digital world for everyone. Tips, advice, and great deals, François Beaudry is on the air every 15 days on BLVD 102.1.

Practical advice for entrepreneurs

François Beaudry doesn’t just share theories; he offers concrete advice and proven strategies to help Quebec entrepreneurs and marketing professionals achieve their goals. By sharing practical tips and case studies, François empowers his audience to implement effective strategies in their own businesses.

His columns inspire and motivate the business community to adopt innovative practices and leverage new technologies to improve their performance. By sharing his expertise, François contributes to the growth and development of local businesses, thereby strengthening the regional economy.

Engaging interactivity

One of the strengths of François Beaudry’s columns is his interaction with listeners. The Q&A sessions allow listeners to ask François questions directly and get personalized responses. This dynamic interaction boots listener engagement and helps them make the most of François’s advice. 

A reputation for excellence

François Beaudry is known for his expertise and professionalism. His regular presence on Blvd 102.1 attests to his reputation as a digital marketing expert. Listeners know they can rely on François for reliable information and sound advice. This mutual trust between François and his audience is a cornerstone of his success as a radio columnist.

With François Beaudry on board, Blvd 102.1 continues to enhance its offering, providing listeners with high-quality, relevant content that helps them navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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